Mimi Young - Artist & Stylist
Mimi Young - Artist & Stylist
Mimi in her studio in Olivebridge by David McIntyre for TRC
Stylized text: artist and stylist

Mimi on Mimi

The failure of the piece is almost more important than the success because you see all the failure and that’s what makes it exciting.

Tell me a little about yourself?

Having lived in NYC my whole life until 2 years ago, I have always been excited by the goings on around me. Everything is so activated. I realize that even now living in rural Ulster County. I studied painting and drawing at Pratt in the 70’s, I think I was very naïve about the world…just accepted so much. After graduating, I got involved in the fashion biz styling photo shoots. Had and still have a blast! So many wonderful people and so many amazing places to go creating beautiful pictures along the way. I continued to paint the whole time, showing occasionally through the years. Ceramics came into play about 15 years ago and I started to incorporate it into my artwork here and there. I feel a stronger commitment now to sharing my work with the community

How long in your industry?

Art: forever, Fashion: 30+years

Where are you located?

Olivebridge NY

What do you love about the Hudson Valley and what motivated you to move into the region?

First, the landscape, the rolling hills and valleys with small hamlets dotted throughout. Second, all the things to do (or not do). Third, proximity to NYC.

What inspires you about where you are?

I garden quite a bit and am outside all day if I’m not in the studio or working. There is a random chaos that happens in the landscape that is always a joyous surprise.

What are you working on now?

I’m working on a new group of paintings where my players are taking on more and the space they live in is competitive. I currently have a painting in the Mohawk Regional Exhibition in Albany as well as a painting in the WAAM Associates Member Exhibition in Woodstock (Links in my bio on Instagram).

Also, my husband Richard Hall and I have recently started a location business, 6oclockLOCATIONS. It’s been great seeing so many beautiful, unique properties and sharing them with our clients.

Mimi Young

Olivebridge based Artist & Stylist


Umbrella Season by Mimi Young