Why TRC?

We are the creatives’ creatives, and we see you.

The whole person. Not a bio and a list of clients and capabilities. This is where we disrupt the traditional advertising model for high-achieving creatives and offer a new way to network and be inspired. This is where you net more.

What We Do

Connect, publish and invite members to pursue partnerships for future work and project development. From Beacon to Albany, Ulster County to Columbia County, we connect creatives to one another for the dual purpose of fomenting creativity within our Hudson Valley community and generating revenue opportunities for our members.

How We Do It

We start with the site — a listings service of sorts, for Hudson Valley creatives that spotlights talent in the area and help them to connect, create and produce new work together. Move forward, to a limited edition Zine, showcasing published member work and new, original content. Projected launch date: Late Summer 2021.

Counties & Specialties

Berkshire, Columbia, Dutchess, Greene, Putnam, Ulster, and folks who can work remotely for these locations.

Actor, Artist Representative, Beauty Artist Assistant, B&B, Caterer, Coder, Co-Working Space, Copywriter, Creative Director, Digi Tech, Designer, Director, 3D Designer, Editor, Equipment Rental, Event Venue, Fine Artist, Gallery, Hair Stylist, Hotel, Illustrator, Instructional Designer, Location, Location Service, Marketing Specialist, Model, Model Design/Builder, Motion Designer, Makeup Artist, Music, Performing Artist, Presentation Designer, Producer, Production Assistant, Project Manager, Photographer, Photo Assistant, Printer (2 & 3 d), Props, Prop/Set Builder, Prop Stylist, Public Relations, Rental Temp Workspace, Set Designer, Sound Engineer, Store, Studio and Rental Space, Studio Hire, Stylist, Talent Cooperative or Agency, Videographer, Visual Designer, UX Designer, Vendor, Warehousing, Web Designer, Writer

Membership Levels & Benefits

Membership is $25/mth, TRC+ Membership is $125/mth and the benefits include:

1) Community, connections, networking
make connections with other like-minded people that inspire you

2) Promotion
we champion your work to producers

3) Authority
we cement and build your authority

4) Inspiration
experience discerning creative curators who are endlessly enthusiastic about the creative process

We provide:

1) a voice in shaping how we engage and support the Hudson Valley community of creatives;
2) a well-indexed quality listing of your name, specialty, and location;
3) a listing alongside other A level creatives;
4) a link to your website;
5) news and member updates newsletters;
6) social media updates;
7) a way to find other creatives locally at your level to work with;
8) a way to make connections with local businesses; and
9) physical events.

Additional Founding and TRC+ Member Benefits

10) creative production for, and publication in, a limited edition print and digital zine.

Interested in joining our Hudson Valley community?

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