Motion and Still photography/Portrait/Food/Travel/Still life, Saugerties

Bobby Fisher

Bobby Fisher was born in Virginia, the grandson of a four star General, U.S.M.C. ‘You either surfed or joined the military, I chose the ocean.’ Post Punk sonically pushed him to Manhattan and The Hotel Chelsea in 1985. It was here in the late 80’s that he was offered an assisting job, the launch pad for his own career in photography. Bobby’s work has appeared in: ‘T’ New York Times Style Magazine, G.Q., Condé Nast Traveler, Food & Wine, Gather Journal, InStyle, Travel & Leisure, Departures Magazine, W Magazine and more. His commercial clients include: Samsung,Blue Moon Beer, Avon, Transitions Lenses, Eddie Bauer, SAP, Pepsi, Bank of America, and others. "Working with Bobby on my book, APPETITES was a great joy. I was always a fan, but smartest thing I ever did was tell him to "run wild" , to shoot in a way that no one else had given him the opportunity to do previously. The results are amazing. A book I'm very, very proud of, largely because of Bobby's pictures. He far surpassed my wildest expectations." ANTHONY BOURDAIN, Chef, Author, Television personality. "I thank Bobby for bringing my neighborhood alive on the page, his bold vision, patience and keen eye have taken this book to the next level." MARCUS SAMUELSSON, Chef, Restaurateur "Bobby’s work travels through time and many dimensions, but it is always modern, humane, and eternally beautiful." ARTURO VEGA, Artist, The Ramones creative director "He slid right into the rhythm of home and studio here in Bali, while shooting a story on me and my studio for T New York Times style Magazine. Bobby was a thoroughly enjoyable and engaging compatriot. I was only vaguely aware of him actually wielding a camera. This understated approach made it all the startling when I finally confronted the very vivid and penetrating results of his quiet labor." ASHLEY BICKERTON, Artist "You look like Gary Oldman’s younger, better looking brother." JULIA ROBERTS, Actress "Who the fuck are you?" MARY J. BLIGE, Singer-songwriter