Beauty and fashion photographer and director, Cold Spring

Jeff Mikkelson

Jeff recently moved to the Hudson Valley from NYC, where he lived and worked as a beauty and fashion photographer for many years. He was born and raised in the Midwest, earned two degrees in philosophy, learned two skilled trades, and traveled a good bit of the world before settling into his current life. When he isn't creating art, Jeff spends his time doing activism, reading, teaching and occasionally publishing philosophy, enjoying nature, and practicing kung fu.

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Hudson Spring Fashion Shoot: Jeff Mikkelson, Jaqueline Azria, and Kelley Quan

Image from Paulette Cold Spring fashion shoot

Back in Spring Kelley Quan, a TRC Founder, shot an editorial feature with TRC Founding Members Jeff Mikkelson and Jaqueline Azria for her eclectic shop Paulette Cold Spring. Muse: Breck...