Sally Morris Clark – Prop and Set Design

Our new member Sally Morris Clark is a New York based prop stylist and set designer. Born in England, Sally moved to NYC in 2013 and spent the last 9 years designing sets and sourcing props for projects including interiors, food, fashion, and still life. A recent move to Beacon has allowed for a dedicated home studio and extended space to store an ever-growing prop collection.

How has the move from the city been for you with regard to your business?

We took the decision to move to Beacon at the very start of the pandemic, we were originally going to move to LA but lockdown changed all of that, and instead we decided to look into buying a house in New York State. We had a great setup in the city but we also had two children at the time and space was running out, It was really an easy move that made a lot of sense. I really wouldn’t attribute any business loss down to the move as it was during the absolute height of the pandemic so really there was no work to lose. As soon as things started to return to normal I think our position in the Hudson Valley became a bonus, having a car (& somewhere to park it), garage and basement space to store props, all streamlined the process. I make a lot of art and surfaces to use on set and having a dedicated studio space in the basement was a game changer.

How has your experience been finding and cultivating new clients and relationships with fellow creatives?

I think finding new clients is a bit of a slow burner, most of my work is still in the city but I am slowly making connections with photographers that have moved up to the HV and opened studios here. It takes time to build relationships and I think over the next few years I would hope it’s a bit more of a 50/50 split. I think the relationships here are formed in a slightly more organic way, I recently met a photographer in a coffee shop just by chance. We chatted, shared insta profiles and now we’re about to work together. I love to test and I think that has been a good way of building relationships, it’s a no pressure way of seeing if you fit together creatively before getting a client involved.

What are the things that you love most about your area?

I love the community in Beacon, it’s vibrant and busy and it gives us all the Brooklyn feel just with a bit more space. There is always something going on that feels very wholesome and there’s a huge artist community. I recently joined Beacon Arts and exhibited some artwork in their members’ gallery, it was a great way to meet people and feel integrated into the scene. Of course, alongside all this is the amazing landscape and the mountain, to be in such a thriving town and also be so close to great hiking is very special.

How has your work been inspired by your move upstate?

Since moving to Beacon I would say I have been inspired by the strong artist community here, having the Dia on your doorstep and several galleries in town really encourages me to embrace my creative spirit and take my art and set design to the next level.

Favourite things about Beacon?

My favourite thing about Beacon has to be the people, it’s a friendly and supportive place to live and I feel constantly inspired by the arts scene and in particular how the arts use the landscape and outdoor spaces.

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