commercial and fine art photographer, Kingston

Helena Palazzi / Yellowhouse Production

A transplant from Sweden—by way of Italy—to the magical world that is Hudson Valley, Helena Palazzi began her journey into the world of photography as a teen growing up in the 1980’s and 90’s with a secondhand analog camera and a hand-me-down black and white darkroom in her family garage. Athirst for inspiration, Helena’s journey took her to her father’s homeland, Italy, in 1993. Alongside a group of other young photographers she founded a photographic studio in Perugia, Umbria and enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts. Less than two years later, her first solo exhibition opened in Perugia, followed by a number of years filled with group and solo exhibits around Europe. The many events showcased Helena’s works of mixed media and traditional photography. Helena landed in NYC in 1998, set on pursuing a career in commercial photography. The visuals of fashion and beauty industries exerted a strong pull on the artist. Her storytelling ways, combined with her refined sense of imagery put Helena in the same collaborative sphere with some of the world’s most renowned clients and creatives. Helena’s work radiates a forever mixture of her Scandinavian and Southern European roots: her style is timeless, elegant and sprinkled with whimsy. Since 2019 Helena has made Kingston NY her home, amplifying the changing urban environment with the opening of her commercial and fine art photography studio Yellow House Production and Art by Helena Palazzi. Enchanted by Hudson Valley, Helena continues to welcome in equal measure the area’s clientele and her NYC business, growing her studio to engage in a diverse lineup of projects ranging from fashion and beauty to high-end product photography, real estate and corporate & personal branding deluxe lifestyle portraits and narrative videography.

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