Senate Garage Studio Rental Space for Photo and Film Launches in Kingston

TRC Founding Member Judy Tallerman always dreamed of buying and restoring an industrial building which is why she and her husband Don restored this former parking garage located in the center of Uptown Kingston.

While the Hudson Valley has always had a strong creative community, COVID drove many more people to the Kingston area. Photographers and people in the film industry, in particular, are drawn to Kingston by both the natural beauty and the generous film tax credits from NY State.

Judy and Don Tallerman, owners of Senate Garage, Kingston
Judy and Don in the Senate Garage © Helena Palazzi, Yellow House Productions

Senate Garage Studio offers photographers a backdrop of steel, brick, concrete, and white walls with plenty of natural light. Plus numerous furniture settings for a wide variety of scenes. Their location in the center of Uptown Kingston, New York means that shops, restaurants, and bars are right out the front door. The adjacent State Park and colonial buildings are also a great backdrop.

Helena Palazzi, Yellow House Productions – Photography
Kelley Quan – Makeup
Hikari Tesuka – Hair

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