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PRIXEL (PRInting piXELs) is a playful printmaking kit that’s something of a cross between letterpress and LEGO. 

PRIXEL started as a holiday card printing experiment about 10 years ago. TRC Founding Member Brandon glued laser-cut rubber onto old LEGO pieces, printed a couple of dozen blocky Christmas trees, and sent them out to friends and family.

He improved on that first experiment each year, learning new skills like CAD modeling, CNC milling, and silicone casting along the way. A couple of years ago he got the overall design to a point where he felt confident that it was fun to use and intuitive. This year, he decided to make a few dozen kits to sell to the public.

I’m happy to say I’ve sold through those and am working on another run.

Right now, I’m making everything except the boxes and ink pads by hand and it takes a lot of time and effort: I thermoform the trays, laser cut and mill the presses, and cast all the silicone parts (I’ve since enlisted a couple friends to help out). I’d eventually like to work with a manufacturer to mass produce it. 

In the meantime, I love seeing what other people are making with their kits! 


Each kit is handmade and takes 3-4 weeks. We think they are brilliant.

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