Ted Morrison’s Carbonated Zinnias

Introducing TRC Founding Member Ted Morrison. Ted’s images for iconic brands Tom Ford, L’Oreal, Chanel, HAUS Labs, Matin Katz, and Interior Design Magazine to name but a few, are both luscious and captivating. His provocative, rich palette and sensual lighting create the right atmosphere for coveting whatever he shoots. His latest personal project, Carbonated Zinnia was produced at his upstate studio, located in Lagrangeville. We have loved Ted’s work for years and are happy to have him on board at The Registry.

One of Ted Morrison's Carbonated Zinnia photographs
Carbonated Zinnias shot in Lagrangeville, NY © Ted Morrison

Ted Morrison

Photographer/Director/Visual Artist

Business name

Ted Morrison Studio

Years in Industry



Studios in Long Island City and Lagrangeville, NY; home in Lagrangeville, NY.

Love about the Hudson Valley

Everything, this is one of the most beautiful places on earth. And, I get to see the stars at night.


Working on various commercial assignments in LIC, and Carbonated Zinnias in Lagrangeville.

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