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Are you wondering how to find the image-makers and talent you need for your project in Hudson Valley? Are you considering bringing your projects to the Hudson Valley?

We are The Registry Creatives and we are here to help you locate the finest talent in the area for your project’s needs. Our goal is to make finding these gems for whatever assignment you may have, simple and easy; and to demonstrate that everything you need is already here.

The Hudson Valley offers a breathtaking backdrop, gorgeous countryside and architecture, and has some of the best creative minds in the North Eastern region. We hope you’ll be excited to discover new talent through our listings as well finding familiar talent locally too. Our members are career experts, and master crafts people. They have the experience and know how to not only get the job done right but also bring a cultivated viewpoint to any assignment, making each project come to life.

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Need a makeup artist for a photoshoot? A sound engineer for a new performance piece? A web developer or programmer? A copy writer to bring your ideas in focus? Want to know you can build a team in Duchess County?

Feel confident that bringing your production upstate is not a compromise.

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Know What You Want But Not How to Get It?

Want to start a social media campaign, need images for your instagram, want to create an experience that resonates with your business? Send us a message and we will get our members to help.

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Creators, Producers, Cool Kids and Spaces, and Visionaries

By listing you, and promoting you, we bring attention to you. By listing us all together we demonstrate the capacity of the Hudson Valley, and draw production here.


Kelley Quan-McIntyre and Mike Hartley

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